January 20, 2005

Version 1.00 released!

I've gone gold with wav2mp3/wav2ogg! All the features I had planned for the first release are implemented, tested and working great. So out the door it goes. I'm skipping right over all the numbers between 0.04 and 1.00. Enjoy!

I am now accepting all your wonderful suggestions for what you'd like to see in future releases. Do you want compiled binaries instead of scripts? What about integration with distributed computing tools like Condor or SGE?

I'm also curious to hear from users of wav2mp3/wav2ogg out there. I had this vision of webcast services all over the net adopting these scripts and using them with their compute farms to drive their encoding. I dream big. But seriously, how do you use the tool? I'd like to know.

Posted by certgen on January 20, 2005

December 9, 2004

Version 0.04 released!

I'm skipping v0.03 for reasons that are still unclear to me, so how could I possibly explain them to anyone else? Enjoy v0.04 though. I've got a great new feature that'll let you ID3 tag anything you've ripped, anyway you've ripped it!

Posted by certgen on December 9, 2004

November 18, 2004

Tell me what you want!

I have to admit I have a tendancy to develop my command line tools like wav2mp3 until they meet my own needs and then I stop. So if you're using wav2mp3 and you're thinking, "Man I wish it did X or Y..." Well! Let me know about it!

Posted by certgen on November 18, 2004

November 13, 2004

wav2mp3/wav2ogg v0.1 Beta Available

The first beta release of wav3mp3 and wav2ogg are availabe on the downloads page for the project. Let the frenzy of encoding begin!

Posted by certgen on November 13, 2004

November 13, 2004

What's this all about now?

wav2mp3 and wav2ogg are command-line interfaces for encoding large quantities of wav audio files quickly and easily. They have simple interfaces that makes them easy to use to encode a directory full of .wav files into some other compressed audio format.

Posted by certgen on November 13, 2004